MFS customized reports will provide you with accurate information regarding the health of your practice saving you from lost revenue, keeping your practice financially sound, allowing you to free up your clinical staff and resources to better serve your patients while increasing your reimbursement average. Our customized reports enable our clients to monitor our effectiveness on a daily basis. We work closely with each client to ensure that their reports are exactly what they need to make informed decisions about their practice.

Standard Reports

Most billing companies send out a monthly report that rarely tells you how well the billing company is performing. We will set you up with an online Tableau based report that is updated over night. Report will include collection rates by Insurance Plan so you could follow where possible collection issues are.

Custom Reports

Our engineers are able to create custom reports that would also be updating daily. Data from multiple sources could be combined into one report.

Productivity Reporting

We will work with you to capture necessary information to keep your staff productive. We could merge work hours with billing data.

MIPS Reporting

Data capture via applicable codes to satisfy the reporting measures. Then data is transferred to CEDR for reporting process.

97% Collection Rates

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