Why it makes sense to sell a medical billing company?

As an owner and operator of a medical billing company, you are dealing with clients, employees, and system issues daily. At some point, you may consider retirement, fatigue may set in, or you may have a health concern. Whatever it is, you may eventually explore the idea of selling the business. After all, these are very typical reasons why business owners consider stepping down from their posts.
As an owner, you have the option of listing the business for sale with a broker who would charge a typical fee of 10%. The broker would list the company on one of their online platforms so that anyone searching for “medical billing business for sale” would land on the ad. The listing could be out in public for a long time if there is not enough demand. 
However, one major drawback to listing a business is the fear of employees or clients finding out that the business is for sale.
In the summer of 2022, Med Financial Solutions reached out to several billing companies to see if they would be interested in selling.  One of the companies that responded was very curious about how to sell a medical billing business. 
After several calls, Med Financial Solutions and the billing company agreed on a price. And within 60 days, the transaction was completed.  Staff were retained, contracts were transferred, and the seller got the opportunity to exit the industry.
So why was the owner interested in selling his medical billing business? His company was small, and the business owner was not available to run it full-time. It made more sense for the owner to concentrate on his other business. In the end, the transaction worked out well for all parties.
So whether you are thinking of retiring or need to make a change in your life, we at Med Financial Solutions will be very happy to connect with you.  Call 786-761-5353 for a free consultation.
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